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Steak & Chop Seasoning Grinder


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Item #00541

Ideal for enhancing the flavor of steak, pork chops, roasts or any meat dish as well as roasted vegetables, gravies, soups and sauces. We’ve added depth to our whole black peppercorns by combining them with coriander, garlic, mustard and parsley to give rich and generous flavor to meat and meat accompaniments.


(1.4 oz/41 g)

Product Uses

  • Traditional Uses

    These seasonings are fresh, but they won’t talk back. They come in pretty containers, but they aren’t too good for recycling. Choose from a variety of ready-to-use grinders and jazz up the personality of your dishes.

Product Detail

  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Coriander, sea salt, black peppercorns, dehydrated garlic, brown & yellow mustard seed, parsley.


Steak & Chop Seasoning Grinder