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Orange Bitters, 11 fl. oz.


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The sweet zest of orange blends with savory Watkins flavors of clove and cardamom in this classic cocktail enhancer.
Usage Suggestions: Add to homemade ice cream, whipping cream or splash on to fruit salad.

 • Non-GMO
 • No Artificial Colors
 • No Artificial Flavors
 • Gluten Free
 • OK Kosher Certified
 • Made in U.S.A.

History in the Making™

Watkins Orange Bitters Old Fashioned Recipe:
Shake 2 dashes of Watkins Orange Bitters and a splash of club soda on a cube of sugar, muddle. Add 2 ice cubes, 1 ½ oz. bourbon, scotch or rye. Garnish with cherry and orange slice.

Watkins Orange Dry Martini:
Add 2 dashes Watkins Orange Bitters, 1 ½ oz. gin or vodka, ¾ oz. dry vermouth over ice in mixing glass. Stir, strain, and serve.
Watkins Orange Bitters and Soda:
Fill a tall glass with ice. Add club soda, squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice and 3-4 dashes of Watkins Aromatic or Watkins Orange Bitters. Stir and garnish with a lemon or lime wedge, if desired.

(11 fl oz/325 mL)

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  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Alcohol, Water, Natural flavors (including extractives of orange peel, spices, gentian root, quassia), Orange oil (sweet and bitter), Citric acid. FLAMMABLE: AVOID POURING NEAR AN OPEN FLAME


Orange Bitters, 11 fl. oz.