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Petro-Carbo First Aid Salve


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Relied upon for generations, Petro-Carbo First Aid Salve is still a staple for home medicine cabinets and first-aid kits. Its active ingredient is phenol (carbolic acid), but other benefits, and its unique aroma, derive from natural botanicals, including camphor, oil of spruce and the tea tree relative, cajeput.

This versatile product is safe and effective for relieving pain and itching associated with:

  • minor cuts
  • burns
  • skin irritations
  • scrapes
  • insect bites

(4.37 oz/124 g)

Product Uses

  • Traditional Uses

    You can’t blame them, really. Bites are just a bug’s natural defense. But if they leave you itchy and scratchy, fight back with J.R. Watkins natural defenses.

Product Detail

  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Active Ingredient: Phenol 1.5%.
    Inactive Ingredients: Cajeput oil, camphor oil, paraffin, partially hydrogenated rosin, petrolatum, spruce oil.


Petro-Carbo First Aid Salve