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Menthol Camphor Cough Suppressent Rub

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Product Details

Item #06609

This cooling product helps relieve the congested feeling of a chest cold and suppresses the accompanying cough. The rub also provides temporary relief of arthritic and rheumatic pain, backache, sprains, strains, lumbago, and bruises.

(4.13 oz/117 g)

Scents / Essences

  • J.R. Watkins

    Menthol Camphor

    Wake up and smell the eucalyptus! Menthol camphor helps clear your sinuses and put a spring in your step.

Product Uses

  • Traditional Uses

    Relieve your cough the old-fashioned way. Not with whiskey, but with non-habit forming suppressants and warming camphor.

Product Detail

  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Active Ingredients: Camphor 5.3%, Menthol 2.8%.
    Inactive Ingredients: Paraffin and petrolatum.


Menthol Camphor Cough Suppressent Rub