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Beryl & Rita Woodman

Independent Watkins Consultant

Your satisfaction is our business!

Rita Woodman




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Welcome to Cinnamon and Spice selling the best and safest products on the planet

140 plus years ago, your Great Grandmother waited each day with anticipation for the arrival of the "Watkins Man".  It was like Christmas when he arrived with all of his wonderful wares, liniment that kept the pain away, salves that healed, spices, vanilla, oh the wonderful things he brought.  J. R. Watkins guaranteed what he sold 100%!  He sold a top quality product and he knew it.  His customers knew that they worked and that he was a man of his word.

140 plus years later, Watkins Products are still 100% Guaranteed!  And as a company Watkins still sells top quality products that are good for you, enhance your daily life and health, and are all-natural and not harmful to the planet, people from the youngest to the eldest, and to animals.   And NOW we offer hundreds of top quality products that you can depend on!

So shop with confidence, know that you are covered by that 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, and enjoy your items when they arrive.  Because at Watkins, and the Woodman's YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR BUSINESS

Contact us at BRW.Industries@gmail.com with questions. 


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