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Welcome to my Watkins page!

Hi There! My name is Phil Sahlstrom. Thank-you for stopping by and visiting my page on the JR Watkins website. On this site you can:  Order your Favourite Watkins products; Explore the many wonderful new products our company is presenting or; Join us as a new Watkins Consultant and create your own home based business. You need to begin by identifying where you are located by clicking on the Canada/US flag in the upper right corner. You can then pick out the items you wish to order. Next click on the shopping cart to complete your order. It is on this next page you can choose: To Signup as a Customer; or Signup as a Consultant; or simply, place an order as a Guest. 

I would also like to introduce to you our extensive line of high quality products for your home or office. Most of our products meet or exceed natural certification standards.  Some of our products have stood the test of time for almost 150 years. Click on Create account on the top right of your screen and start shopping! 

You can always call or email me to place your order as well and I will get your product to you as quickly as I can. 

Contact info:

Phil Sahlstrom  - ph. 604-313-1614


The Latest and Greatest

The Journey to a Full Time Home Based Business


That journey from when you first set out to create your own business is an exciting and sometimes very rewarding experience! Whether you a sprinter out of the gate, or build up momentum as you progress along, life and business do not always follow your expectations. It is very important to create a foundation at the start that you can follow through on to achieve your goal! For many (as it was in my case) it is a long slow ascent before they allow themselves to take the plunge into the icy water below! I made the leap in August this year after being involved with Watkinss for over 20yrs! You do not have to wait as long as I have to enjoy the freedom of having your own business! Success with your Watkins business starts with: Believing in You! Join my team and I will show you how you too can reach that dream!


Watkins Products for Every Day Use


Watkins has many products including our time-tested Double Strength Vanilla, and our award winning Cinnamon and Black Pepper. Our all natural Grapeseed Oil is perfect for salads and barbecueing. In fact Grapeseed Oil has been written up in many articles as the ideal "seasoning oil" for your cooking grills because of its very high flashpoint. (480+F.)You will also want to try our full line of dietary supplements. Our personal care items are of the highest natural standards. Simply click on "Sign In/Create Account" at the top of the page. I can also deliver our products directly to you in North Vancouver BC or have them sent to you from Watkins anywhere in North America. Call or email me today and I will do my best to deliver your order to you as quickly as I can!

Living Outside the Box


Life can bring us all different kinds of experiences. Sometimes it's what we do with those experiences that help shape our destiny in life good or bad. Other times it requires us to look completely outside of ourselves and look for what might seem impossible. It is being able to lay hold of what seems impossible that allows us to "Live outside the Box". Jobs can seem like an integral and necessary part of life for example, however they too are temporal and not as they seem. Having your own Watkins business may be "Living outside the Box" for some that have never experienced anything else but working for someone else. Many of us give up the best hours and days of our lives in exchange for a few dollars. Many of us give up family , friends, and a lot more as our employers ask us to give up more and more of our free time to help their businesses grow. You know most of us spend up to 12 hours in our 15 hour day giving it to someone else. It's time we gave that time to our families, friends and ourselves. We can with a Watkin's home based business. Let me show you how! 

The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins 1868 Corporate.