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While we are all still learning about the new format on this website, I wanted to thank you for visiting me here.  You can also look for my Facebook business page "shopquickwithlois.com"  

I will be posting more recipes there and monthly specials as time allows.  

You CAN but you don't HAVE to,
You CAN do parties, but you don't HAVE to.
You CAN sponsor, but you don't HAVE to.
You CAN retail, but you don't HAVE to.
You CAN stock inventory, but you don't HAVE to.
You CAN order every month, but you don't HAVE to and so on...
Watkins is all about the freedom to do what you want to suit your desires and needs! 
The Summit Group Motto: Having Fun. Helping Friends. Creating Wealth. Reaching Dreams

The Latest and Greatest

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Thanks again for visiting me,
Lois : ) 

Wedding/Bridal Shower gift idea

I also had a request recently for a Wedding Shower gift-- This friend wants to get their kitchen all set up and Watkinized!  I was also pleased to assist in this project.
What a wonderful way to help a young couple start their married life together perfectly seasoned!  This can be a themed shower party or specific areas of the home.  The ladies can come and do a modified party and order for the bride what she needs (from a list prepared in advance) or they think she would like to stock her pantry, or medicine chest or cleaning cupboard.  Everything shipped to one address.  Add some recipes from all in attendance in a box or binder. 

Are you sending someone to college?


Have you packed the following items for the trip to the dorm room?   Besides the obvious items like soap, shampoo, lotions, shave soap, toothpaste etc., college students also need vitamins & supplements, cold tablets, settelz, room freshener, and for those athletes analgesic balm and liniment.

Also, remember that colleges students order takeout regularly and most dorm rooms have coffeemakers and microwaves and fridges in them. Coffee, teas, chai latte, cocoa mixes, soy sauce, mustard and yes, even grape seed oils for when they eat an occasional salad are great ideas. One of the benefits of sending a student to college with Watkins is that items that have a tendency to get permanently "borrowed" will make their way back into a students' hand without having to confront others about ownership.   Plus you know they will call home when they need more!! 

One of my dear customers just ordered all the items for her son and then sent me this email. 
"Don't forget about those college students needing pre wash (and/or other laundry aids), laundry detergent and dish soap! I ordered these for my college-bound son last evening  (Okay, maybe I'm being optimistic that my son will actually do his laundry and wash out his dishes while he's at school and not bring them home to mom) "

The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins 1868 Corporate.