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Yvonne J. Rugley

Independent Watkins Consultant

Where You Get The Best For Your Food, Home, and Health!

Welcome Watkins Customer!

Hello! I am very happy and excited that you have decided to visit my site! Let me tell you, you have done the right thing by coming here. I have been using Watkins products for years! The products that Watkins has here are better than anything that you can get anywhere else. What else can you say about a company that has been in business since "1868"?! Nothing bad, I can tell you that.

Check out my site, and the various array of products available, and you will know that you have made the right decision. You may even wish to become a "Watkins Consultant"! Click the Home-Based Business Opportunty link right here, for more details. Dealing with Watkins, you can't go wrong. Welcome to Watkins!

The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins 1868 Corporate.