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Here, online shoppers in search of all natural products are discovering a brand their parents and grandparents have long  associated with quality -- Watkins.

Back in 1868, J.R. Watkins developed a pain relieving liniment that he sold door-to-door. So convinced of its effectiveness, he offered the first known money-back guarantee. Other products followed; soon J.R. brought in other salesmen to handle his growing number of satisfied customers in and around Winona, MN.

Today, Watkins is still headquartered in Winona, but Watkins Consultants are now located throughout the US and Canada. Rather than going door-to-door, the majority have created their own web sites, where customers can order all 250+ products online, and have them delivered right to their front door.

So why buy through the All Natural Country Store? Here’s why. You’ll discover the same down home customer care your grandparents remember from their neighborhood store -- hence our name, the "All Natural Country Store."   To find out more about our store click here.

Call 888-881-7372 and Alan, the store’s co-manager, will answer. He’ll help you through the aisles, answer any questions you have, and assist you in the check-out process. If Alan is with another customer, he may ask David to help you. Both provide the same level of quality of customer service J.R. Watkins delivered to his customers. 


The Latest and Greatest

Here’s how to receive a J.R. Watkins Naturals catalog


Watkins general catalog now contains descriptions about more than 250 products in four major product lines. The catalog has grown to 24 pages in the latest edition just released. You can request a catalog by calling 888-881-7372, or by sending your request to GoNatural@charter.net.

Please "Create an Account" to order your Watkins products


Please DO NOT check out as a guest after placing items in your shopping cart.  Please "Create An Account" first, where it says "Sign In/Create Account", BEFORE you place your order in your shopping cart. Doing so will provide you with customer service from us should your order not arrive when expected, or should you want a catalog, etc.  Additionally, we then know who you are and can add you to our personal PRIVATE (never distributed or sold) sales flyer email list.  We will inform you of the Sales Specials for that month along with links to some recipes.  Note: It takes the same amount of time to "Create An Account" as it does to register as a guest; so why not get the benefit of customer service should you need it by creating and account.  Thank you for doing so.

Become a Watkins Consultant


You can save up to 35% on your Watkins purchases by becoming a Sales Consultant.  You can sign up online by clicking on "Sign In/Create An Account," and then clicking on "Join Us As A Consultant."  If you wish to first receive additional information before you join click on the following link:  http://RespectedHomeBusiness.com/383372.  You can also ask to have a Watkins Business Opportunity Packet sent to you by calling 888-881-7372. We will take your information over the phone to get that packet out to you! Or you can write us at GoNatural@charter.net, and provide us with your name, address and phone number.  We'll get your packet out to you within 24 hours.

Thank you.

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